About Chris:
At just 16 years old, Chris Burkich is a truly gifted emerging talent. Unlike the now commonplace crop of ever-younger singers, Chris is far from just another precocious kid who can belt-out the hits of the day. He is indeed a complete musical artist: a highly expressive singer with a voice that invites the listener, a songwriter of astonishing depth and maturity, as well as a consummate live performer.
With his dad being an accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right, Chris was exposed to music from an inside perspective at an early age. As he saw the process behind music happening around him, he soon took an interest. He started singing at 5 and by age 9, began playing guitar and piano. Clearly possessing natural abilities, Chris progressed quickly. Bolstered by encouragement from his parents, he was soon taking a lead role in his school productions - and catching the eye of his peers, teachers and the parents of fellow students. Seeing Chris perform makes it easy to see why: he absolutely "owns" the stage. When it comes to the intangible elements that help define a performer - "stage presence", "charisma", etc. - these attributes come naturally to Chris. He simply has an uncanny ability to come across.
And then there's the songwriting...Not happy to only copy and perform the popular songs of others, Chris thought it would be good to try writing his own songs. What has emerged is perhaps even more remarkable than his performing ability: This kid writes songs that are "about" something. Whether it's a song dealing with his spiritual beliefs or one that assesses youthful love, Chris' songs have a sophistication that completely belies his age. His songs have elements of irony, doubt, truth, reflection; in a word - wisdom. A Chris Burkich song has layers that many adult songwriters don't achieve. He manages to capture his thoughts and translate them in a powerful, appealing way. Given his young age, Chris seems to be an old soul.
With his deep talent, strong youth appeal and his un-forced, natural maturity, Chris Burkich really is a complete package.