These Are The Most Used Apple Emoji's

Apple is giving everyone a look into America's soul after revealing the most popular emojis used in the country in a new report released on Friday. 

Taking the number one spot (and it wasn't even close) was the "Face With Tears of Joy" emoji which beat out other popular options like the :heart: emoji, "Crying Tears of Laughter," and "Face With Heart Eyes." 

Here's the top 10:

1.  The "laughing so hard I'm crying" face.


2.  The red heart.


3.  The sad crying face.


4.  The face with hearts for eyes.


5.  The kissing face.


6.  The face that's rolling its eyes.


7.  The skull.


8.  The blushing face.


9.  The sad face with the wide open, frowning mouth.


10.  The "thinking" face, with the hand resting on its chin. 

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