South Carolina a top of 'Sleep Debt' hours a month

Study Finds the Average South Carolinian Incurs 33 hours of ‘Sleep Debt’ Each Month.

  • 1/5 of people try to catch up on their sleep debt by binge sleeping on weekends.
  • Experts say there is no way of re-paying long term sleep debt.
  • 44.3% of Americans often struggle to fall asleep at night.
  • Interactive infographic (with embed code included)

 Sleep is crucial for good health – it regulates our mood, affects productivity, concentration, weight, and it’s the key to a healthy lifestyle.But according to a nationwide study on 2,500 adults by mattress review site Sleepopolis, the average South Carolinian is missing out on a significant 33.3 hours of sleep each month* - this compares to a national average of 30.6 hours.The United States of Binge SleepersIt’s clear that as a nation we are not getting enough sleep – but are we aware of it? Sleepopolis’ study implies we are, as it also revealed that 14.8% of sleep-deprived Americans repay their ‘sleep debt’ by binge sleeping on weekends.According to The National Sleep Foundation, ‘sleep debt’ is described as ‘the difference between the amount of sleep that you need and the amount that you’re actually getting.’

READ MORE at Sleepopolis as they have created an infographic to show the problem of sleep deprivation across the states:

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