Is Your Local McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Broken? Check the McBroken App


It's 2am after the bars close and all you've been thinking about since last call is stopping to get a McFlurry on the way home to drunkenly appreciate while watching pre-bed Parks and Recreation. But, alas, the McDonald's ice cream machine is broken AGAIN.

So many people have been let down by the ice cream machine that it's become a Twitter meme and sparked investigative journalism. Now, you can avoid crushed expectations by checking the McBroken app before you hit the drive-thru. Rashiq Zahid, 24-year-old software engineer, created a website featuring an almost realtime map that tracks which ice cream machines aren't working at about 10,000 different McDonald's restaurants across the US. Someone get this genius a Nobel Peace Prize.

How it works

Every 30 minutes, McBroken uses the McDonald's Android app to add an ice cream order to the cart at restaurants around the country. If the ice cream machine is broken or "down due to cleaning", the McDonald's app will remove the ice cream order from the cart. When that happens, a red dot appears on's website so you know ice cream is not in your near future at that store.

Hopefully, this helps all your drunken McFlurry dreams come true.

Photo: Getty Images

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