My Skate Journal: How to Fall

My Skate Journal - How to Fall

My Skate Journal - How to Fall

I've gotten really comfortable on rollerblades so I felt ready to try transitions and work up to a 180 jump. On one run, I built up WAY too much speed, tripped during the jump and fell like the overconfident queen I am.

After the fall, I realized a few things:

  1. Wearing all the protective gear is important when trying new tricks. I had elbow pads with me but didn't wear them which led me to...
  2. Gonna need scar cream and vitamin E to fade this cute new spot on my elbow
  3. Learn how to fall safely

You will fall when skating. Period. It's important to know how to fall without seriously hurting yourself. I found a bunch of falling tutorials. YouTube is basically my skate school.

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