There's a Toxic Dating Term Called 'Negging' You Need to Know About

Photo: Credit: OAWRS Zoom

There's nagging, but did you know there's also negging in relationships? Sisanie shared the toxic dating trend is when someone purposefully gives a backhanded compliment or makes a potential partner feel bad about themselves in order to lower their self-esteem. The ploy subconsciously tricks the recipient into being more open to someone’s advances.

Some examples, Sisanie shared on-air, include: “I don’t usually go for big girls, but I like you” or “I love how you don’t put much effort into your appearance."

Sis shared comments like these feed into your insecurities. They knock you down, but it also comes across as flirting so it's confusing.

If you run into this, it's a major red flag, beware! Listen back for more:

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