Nina Dobrev Steps Out For 'First Time In Two Months' Following Bike Crash

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Nina Dobrev is currently recovering from multiple surgeries following a painful dirt bike accident that occurred last month.

The Vampire Diaries alum left the house for the "first time in two months" on Wednesday (June 12) for an interview with The Talk where she dove into the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of her healing process thus far. The standout revealed that she underwent knee surgery for a fractured knee, ACL repair and meniscus, and was told to wear a giant leg brace. She added that the incident occurred during her very first time on a dirt bike, and that she does not recommend the activity to others.

"I don't recommend it, guys. It's okay, I learned a lesson, don't ever get on a dirt bike. I was in a wheely, lost control, whisky throttled, bike flew. Luckily, it didn't fall on me, which is what the doctor said would have been a lot worse. But when I landed, I landed on one leg, straight, and my knee just like snapped."

The Degrassi star's days will look less like movie shoots and extreme sports this summer, and more like "cuddle puddles."

"Cuddle puddle is my life these days, it's just the puppies, and at home watching movies, physical therapy, eat, sleep, or pee is kind of the schedule." Despite having to spend so much time resting at home, Dobrev has shed a positive light on recuperating, revealing that she's using the time to binge watch Fargo.

"Fargo is what I'm watching currently. I called my agents. I love it, so I'm so obsessed with the show, and I was like, 'You have to get me on this show.' And they're like,' That's from a decade ago, you're too late.'" Partner Shaun White has also been keeping Dobrev entertained by dancing around the living room, beautifully depicted amid a video series the actress shared to Instagram earlier this month.

"You know, when you can't leave your bedroom, you either watch TV or you have live entertainment. That's my live entertainment," she beamed in reference to White's smooth moves.

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